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Lindsay Goldwert

Lindsay Goldwert is the Senior Editor at Stash. She writes and edits articles about investing, personal finance and saving for retirement. Her writing has appeared in publications including Fast Company, the New York Daily News and Slate.

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Ivan Lo is the editor and founder of and The Equedia Letter, an online publication focused on investing from a Canadian perspective. With over 100,000 subscribers of high net worth investors, retail investors, brokers, analysts and fund managers, The Equedia Letter has become one of Canada’s most trusted investment newsletters, providing information on many stocks that have earned returned significant returns for its subscribers. As a result of his performance, Mr. Lo now works closely with brokers, money managers and industry reporters to bring them new ideas and insights on the market.

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At Lear Capital, your long-term financial security is our main concern. We have been America's Precious Metals leader since 1997, and we strive to not only earn your business but to maintain it with superior service. We can help you diversify your portfolio by purchasing bullion, acquiring premium rare coins, or by adding physical gold and silver to your existing IRA account. Whether you're looking to realign your asset allocation, maintain an aggressive hedge against global volatility, or secure tangible retirement protection, Lear Capital has a plan for you.

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We are the leading industry experts who’ve held senior positions at some of the largest Retail Firms in the United States. Patriot Gold Group can provide clients and new Retail Investors with the most competitive pricing on Gold & Silver, Platinum and Palladium trimming the multiple layers of executives, minority and majority investors and work DIRECTLY with you!

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Christopher is one of the founding partners of Alpha Seven Energy. With just a few years of experience in the real estate industry, at the age 21 Christopher went out on his own to become a full time Real Estate investor. As the years went on Christopher mastered many forms of investing. From stocks, bonds, the hedge fund space, all the way to Renewable Energy as well as Oil & Gas deals.

Today, with a continually widening background in investments, Christopher brings his 15 years worth of experience structuring Oil & gas investments for maximum gain to Alpha Seven Energy.

Christopher has been directly involved with the acquisition of over $1bn of Investments on behalf of investors along with his own capital.

His key philosophies involve creating and capturing value, ensuring serviceability, collaboration, relationship management and adhering to clear and concise processes, making him a well respected person with his clients, and a valuable asset to Alpha Seven Energy;

Christopher’s key role and specific area of focus in recent years has been to identify and acquire key Oil & Gas investments. Chris has developed a track record of seizing rare opportunities, and with successful exit strategies he has managed to achieve outstanding results for our many investment clients.

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